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High Performance Director and Head Coach

Job Duties:

  • ❏  Develop and execute a training program to identify individual athlete skill and team skill improvements

  • ❏  Develop a plan and strategy to safely advance athletes and teams to the highest level of elite skills.

  • ❏  Communicate with caregivers of athletes, action plans for skill development and to offer support and motivation to athletes.

  • ❏  Effectively instruct and spot level 5 (cheer) tumbling skills in class, team and clinic settings.

  • ❏  Encourage and motivate athletes of all ages to develop the highest potential skills while maintaining a positive and thriving environment.

  • ❏  Safely instruct and spot with the most up to date techniques for all building skills.

  • ❏  Establish consistency of technique across the board with the All-Star program building skills and technique.

  • ❏  Create a training plan to develop staff to the highest level- spotting techniques, perfection, and skill development

  • ❏  Choreograph and oversee tumbling skills for the All-Star program to ensure teams are maximizing both abilities and skill difficulty values on the score sheet.

Minimum Requirements:

1. Minimum 10 years coaching experience in cheerleading/gymnastics - minimum 4 years coaching elite level athletes
2. Experience coaching all ages

3. USASF Certification level 5
4. FirstAid/CPR
5. University or post secondary studies preferred
6. Experience judging or safety judge certification an asset

Company Name: 
Beach Cheer Athletics
Employment type: 
Full time
Required years of experience: 
5 - 10 years
Required languages: 
Required general skills: