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Head Coach/Director Girls Gymnastics team


Girls Team Head Coach


Responsibilities include:

  • Oversee the development and expansion of the girl’s competitive program
    • Communicate ideas on how we can do the above to the owner
  • Develop yearly, monthly, weekly lesson plans
  • Develop/ implement curriculum & progress reports using NGA compulsory/optional rules
  • Develop a schedule for all levels of team
  • Hiring, firing, training, and reviewing team staff
  • Scheduling of assistant coaches
  • Attend NGA/Norcal meetings when necessary
  • Schedule meets
  • Maintain proper usage of equipment and submit new equipment requests to owner
  • Help to plan and implement year end Gymfest routine
  • Communicate with parents regarding level changes, coaching changes, student progress and any other events and/or concerns involving the girls team aspects of the Lee’s United Gymnastics Academy
  • Attend weekly directors meetings and monthly staff meetings (also help run monthly staff meetings)
  • Help with monthly newsletter



To perform this job successfully you must have a good knowledge of gymnastics and skill progressions. Must have good communication skills. You must also be able to perform all the above listed tasks.  CPR certification is required; Any NGA required certifications must also be done.

Frequent lifting/spotting of kids of up to 115 pounds is also required.

Company Name: 
Lee's United Gymnastics Academy
Employment type: 
Full time
Part time / side job
Required years of experience: 
1 - 2 years
Application email: 
Required languages: 
Required general skills: 
Women’s Artistic Gymnastics
United States