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Head Coach


To assume the position of Head Coach managing all operations of the gym including and not limited to:  The hiring and management of staff; Set up of all programs from recreational to the elite training program; Marketing and new member enrolment; Provide excellent gymnastic and cheer training;  Ability to develop a gymnast from the beginner stage through to the elite level.


A four-year college degree is mandatory.  Proven experience in managing a successful gymnastics organization. This position requires excellent knowledge of gymnastics for girls preparing to compete in major FIG competitions.  A proven track record of success as a coach is necessary.  Judging experience is also beneficial.  This person must have a minimum of 5 years prior experience as a team coach with supervisory and administrative experience.  Spotting for safety and skill development is also imperative.  This person must also possess the visual and auditory ability to respond in critical incidents and the physical ability to act swiftly in the event of an emergency. Must obtain Criminal record clearance by being fingerprinted and pass all required screening prior to reporting for work.  Must also obtain CPR & First Aid certifications within 30 days of employment.


  1. Set up and maintain facility
  2. Maintain successful Recreation, Competitive, and Cheer programs
  3. Perform all administrative duties as assigned.
  4. Help to ensure the safety and maintenance of activity areas to be utilized by the program.
  5. Evaluate all areas of programming under supervision to ensure program quality and member/participant satisfaction.
  6. Plan, create, develop and monitor all girls’ team programming.
  7. Provide all necessary training and supervision of coaching staff.
  8. Be up to date on current USAG technical requirements
  9. Attend and supervise team competitions


Send resume to:              Quality Gymnastics Bermuda:   e-mail:  

Company Name: 
Quality Gymnastics
Employment type: 
Full time
Required years of experience: 
5 - 10 years
Application email: 
Required languages: 
Required general skills: 
Women’s Artistic Gymnastics
Men’s Artistic Gymnastics
Preschool Gymnastics
Gymnastics For All