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Gymnastics School Manager

AcroTex Gymnastics in Cedar Park (just north of Austin) is looking for a manager to help our programs continue to thrive and grow.  Our gym has over 400 students and offers classes for  gymnastics, tumbing, cheerleading, ninja, and dance.  We are looking for someone who is very dependable, organised and is good at working with people.  

Some responsibilities would include:

-Staffing events such as b-day parties and fun nights

-making sure classes and activities are run well

-training newer staff

-maintaining safety

-communicating with parents, coaches, owners

-coach classes

A manager would need to be at the gym at least 2:30 p.m.-8:30 p.m. Monday-Thursday.  Other hours may be flexible.  While someone with managment experience is desired, we are willing to train someone who has good leadership and skills that would make them a good manager.  Bonuses are earned in addition to regular pay based on performance. Pay is based on experience.  If you are interested in this position, send your resume and contact information.  We look forward to hearing from you.  




Company Name: 
AcroTex Gymnastics
Employment type: 
Full time
Part time / side job
Required years of experience: 
3 - 5 years
Application email: 
Required languages: 
United States