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Mishawaka Indiana Gyms Looking for Gymnastics Coaches

According to WSBT, kids have been so inspired by seeing the gymnasts compete in the Olympics that gymnastics enrollment has increased in Mishawaka, Indiana.

If you run a gym in Mishawaka or South Bend, Indiana, then you may need to hire more gymnastics coaches.

You can advertise any new gymnastics coach position on Gymnastics Coach Finder.

Trampolining Coaching Jobs Airdrie Alberta

Enrollment in trampoline lessons in Airdrie, Alberta area gymnastics clubs is set to increase following the Rio Olympics, per Airdrie City View, what with Canadian Rosie MacLennan following up her 2012 trampoline gold medal with a 2016 trampoline gold medal.  Airdrie gymnastics clubs seeing an increase in enrollment may soon then be needing to hire more trampoline coaches.

Gyms in Stamford Connecticut Hiring Gymnastics Coaches

Per the Stamford Advocate, enrollment in youth sports programs in sports complexes in Stamford, Connecticut has increased post the Olympics.  Inspired by Simone Biles, kids get inspired to try gymnastics – and the number of gymnastics classes offered in Stamford could increase.  Therefore, gymnastics clubs in Stamford, CT may need to hire more gymnastics coaches.

Huntington West Virginia Gyms Need Gymnastics Coaches

Little girls all over Huntington, West Virginia are being inspired by the Final Five’s performance in the Rio Olympics to want to try gymnastics, and as a result, enrollment in gymnastics all over Huntington is increasing, per WSAZ.  So Huntington and Charleston area gyms may need to consider hiring more gymnastics coaches to coach all these new students.

Gymnastics Coaching Positions Available for Chandler AZ Gyms

Per AZ Central, kids who watched the Rio Olympics in the Phoenix area may be looking for a gymnastics program to start their own Olympic dreams or just to have fun.  Chandler, Arizona has multiple gyms and is home to the gym of McKayla Skinner, a gymnast from Gilbert who was an alternate to the USA’s WAG team.  So many young Phoenix area gymnasts may be signing up for gymnastics lessons in Chandler, Arizona.

Cherry Hill NJ Gyms Looking to Hire Gymnastics Coaches

Jersey native Laurie Hernandez’s recent success in the Olympics is increasing enrollment in gymnastics programs all over New Jersey, including Cherry Hill, according to  In fact, enrollment is increasing so much that Cherry Hill gyms may need to hire more gymnastics coaches.

Gymnastics Coaches Needed Dover Kent England

Britain’s success in gymnastics in the recent Rio Olympics has caused a greater demand in gymnastics in the Dover area, per Kent Online

If you run a gymnastics program in the Dover or nearby areas in Kent, then you might be seeing an increased enrollment too and therefore you may need to hire more gymnastics coaches.

Gyms in Cedar Park Texas Needing to Hire Gymnastics Coaches

I know I enjoyed watching the US Women’s Gymnastics Team’s recent success in Rio – and I was not the only one.  According to KAXN, the Final Five has been inspirational to children in Central Texas, and enrollment in gymnastics programs in Cedar Park, Texas has increased heavily.

Ann Arbor Michigan Gyms With Gymnastics Coaching Jobs Available

According to the Detroit Free Press, Ann Arbor, Michigan was ranked by Niche as the best city to live in in Michigan. 

This means it is a great area for people to move to, so Ann Arbor gymnastics programs could experience growth.

Ann Arbor gyms may need to hire more gymnastics coaches, but luckily they can use Gymnastics Coach Finder to search for their next gymnastics coach hire.

Gymnastics Clubs in Amsterdam Looking for Gymnastics Coaches

Amsterdam is a great place for a gymnastics club for the following reasons: